Microgreen Designs for Your Brand

MicroAngelo Customized Microgreen Designs provides microgreens grown into custom designs for your brand, including: words, embellishments, logos, and beautiful mosaics, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll start growing it right away.


Laid-back eatery serving barbecued organic meats, inventive cocktails & microbrew beers.

Friede and Goldman

Through innovation and experience, Friede & Goldman, Ltd. has maintained its place as an engineering leader throughout the oil and gas industry’s dynamic evolution.


A Coastal Mexican kitchen serving an abundance of fish and seafood, the city's best wood-grilled oysters and other Mexican favorites, top margaritas and palomas in a bright, art-filled setting.

The Oceanaire

High-end chain offering seafood, steaks & a deep wine list in sophisticated but lively environs.


Featured at 2017 Houston Chronicle Culinary Stars event