What are microgreens and how can I cook with them?

Check out this video clip from our interview on Channel 2 where we discuss what microgreens are, their health benefits, and how to incorporate them into everyday cooking!

"Looks good, taste good, and is good for you! Wow!"

Not only are microgreens beautiful but they pack a lot of flavor and nutrients. We like to say, "Micro-greens, Macro-flavor!". This video shows that you can top coleslaw or potato salad with microgreens, blend them into a sauce or pesto, or even simply eat them raw. For more ideas of how to use microgreens in your cooking, make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Here's some photos of the chefs in action at the Katy Home & Garden Show at our Zero-Point Organics Green Scene

James talking about the health benefits of microgreens.

James talks about microgreen smoothies.

Sunflower Microgreen. Great in smoothies, salads, and coleslaw.

Healthy and tasty microgreen smoothie with strawberries and bananas.

Chef Ara from Harlem Road Texas BBQ.

Chef Ara's microgreen coleslaw from his restaurant Harlem Road Texas BBQ.

Harlem Road Texas BBQ Ribs and Zero-Point Organics.

Chef James of Fadi's talking about microgreens and how they add incredible flavor.

Microgreen salad by Chef James of Fadi's

Microgreen salad by Chef James of Fadi's.

Beautiful microgreen salad by Chef James of Fadi's.

Steak and microgreens by Chef James of Fadi's.

Everyone loved the samples of the microgreen creations.