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Microgreen Designs

MicroAngelo Customized Microgreen Designs provides microgreens grown into custom designs for your brand, including: words, embellishments, logos, and beautiful mosaics, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll start growing it right away.

Perfect Quality
Grown to Order

This is where our micros stand above the rest. Consistently perfect quality in flavor and appearance. We guarantee our microgreens will be the best you and your customer have ever had, every single time. Your microgreens were never sitting in a fridge, they're grown to order in ideal, monitored conditions.

Supply & Delivery

Zero-Point Organics grows and supplies microgreens for over 40 businesses in the Houston area. We deliver orders the same day they are ready, and offer professional advice on keeping the greens in excellent condition until they make it to the customer's plate.

Spotlighted Microgreens

Be sure to check out our specialty, featured microgreens! Some of these microgreens may only be available for a limited time, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible to order a batch today!

Our Beautiful Microgreens

Zero-Point Organics currently offers over 40 different types of microgreens, as well as wheatgrass. Click below to see our full stock of microgreens and don't hesitate to call or email us regarding anything you don't see listed or would like us to grow for you.
Ask about our
Flavor Enhancements
Add a flavor boost to any of our
available microgreens. Magnifies the intensity and adds noticeable
complexity to the flavor profile.
Boost the cleanness of any of our available microgreens. Reduces the ‘grassy’ taste and yields a more
precise flavor note.

Why are our micros so amazing?


Ultra-Filtrated Water
Precisely Oxygenated
Balanced pH


Wide Spectrum Soil
Key Earth-Derived Elements


Grown to Order
Non-GMO Seeds
100% Guaranteed Quality
Nutrient input drives flavor output.
Zero-Point Organics constantly monitors and tweaks the nutrients in every microgreen we grow in order to achieve the best possible flavor.
James Hinton
Founder of Zero-Point Organics

Our Customers

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James shares the same passion and drive as we do in providing the highest quality products and is considered a great asset to the H-town Restaurant Group team.
Hugo Ortega
Owner of Hugo's, Caracol, Xochi, and Backstreet Cafe
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